Classes in the Garden Gallery Open Air Classroom

Classes in the Garden Gallery Open Air Classroom

Cold Brook Lake, Hot Springs, SD and Egyptian Temple, Capital Reef, UT

This page will be updated in the next few days! Any requests? Just let me know!
Beginning Watercolor:
Watercolor is perhaps one of the most popular styles of painting. It’s also relatively inexpensive to get started and is non-toxic compared to oil painting. It is also a favorite for painting outdoors on location.
This class will start with the fundamentals of watercolor, such as mixing and washes. Then guide you with information and examples of color theory, value, and atmospheric perspective etc. With tips for creating depth and details in your watercolor paintings you will come away with a whole new body of work and an appreciation for this well-loved media.
Two 2-hour sessions in the Open-Air classroom will lead us to a field-trip to paint on location, for a total of 6 hours of hands on lessons and exercises.

Two Sessions: Six hours of instruction for $120.00
Classes meet from 9 – Eleven. For the cooler air and the deeper shadows!
Session One, Wednesdays: July 15, 22, 29
Session Two, Thursdays: July 16, 23, 30

Additional Session: Painting from a photograph
This additional 2-hour session will guide you through creating a watercolor from one of your favorite travel photographs
Class: August 5 from 9-11, $40.00

Contact me with questions and a materials list.

Travel Journals:

Although many of our summer travel plans have been canceled or rescheduled you can still learn to “see” and document the beauty of the Black Hills. We will be able to see the world again! With that in mind my travel journal classes are a great way to get out and enjoy our fleeting summer, as well as be prepared for future travels!
These classes will be conducted in the privacy of my Garden Gallery and Open Air Classroom. Alternative locations can be discussed if there's interest.
We will cover the following.

Manual preparedness: Materials, supplies, tools, or the mechanics of making art outside in sometimes less than ideal conditions!

Visual preparedness: Concepts, including ideas, thoughts, observation and knowing things like value, shape, texture, contrast. This also has to do with skill, which can be developed through trial and error!

During class I will go over the variety of possibilities for sketching on location. Bring your own materials from the following list. And you can also try out concepts with my materials as I show you to how to experiment with new techniques.
This materials list is helpful for taking on a trip so that you are self-contained.

Media: watercolor, gouache, ink, color pencil, graphite, pastel.

Support: each of the above require the appropriate paper or “support”.
Gesso on paper (referred to as primed or prepared paper) I will have some ready for you to experiment with. Black pastel or printmaking paper is quite nice to emphasize color pencil.

Tools: erasure, stencil, chamois, sharpener, (if you are in a museum, gallery, or historical site you MUST have a sharpener that will catch the shavings!) Sandpaper, sighting card, ( you can use an old slide,) or view finder.

Equipment: stool, chair, easel, table, ground cover and cushion. Umbrella for sun and rain. Wide brim hat. Long sleeve shirt.
Water jug and reservoir.
Sunscreen and bug repellent.
Paper towels. Snacks.
By taking my class you will be prepared for success before you start your trip!
Don’t wait until you’re on your way out the door!

Classes are Tuesdays from 9 – Noon
Three hours for $60.00
Scheduled for July 21 and 28, with additional classes in the works for August.

Fundamentals of Drawing:

Lessons in my open-air classroom will introduce you to the fundamentals of drawing. Each class we will work on focused exercises and projects such as line, texture, value, and perspective. You will learn concepts, technical skills, and most importantly how to see! Most of the lessons we will be about drawing directly from life, nature, landscape, etc.

Each lesson will build on the last session, but you can drop into the class anywhere along our journey.

The fundamental approach I use separates out elements of art, principals of design, mechanical skills, and conceptual ideas. Each section will focus on specific, attainable goals.

• Session One: Line Quality, variety, contour, cross contour, and texture.

• Session Two: Value, simultaneous contrast, dramatic lighting, high key, low key. Note! This lesson will be helpful for those wanting to learn watercolor!

• Session Three: Perspective: linear, intuitive, 2 and 3-point perspective.

In my classes and private lessons, I encourage personal expression on a foundation of basic technical skills. My goal is to lead individual temperaments to express their natural abilities and find self-motivation and confidence.

Supplies to bring to class:
A good quality 9x12” sketchbook
Drawing Pencils 2B, 4B, and 6B
Erasure and pencil sharpener
Micron Pens 03, 05, 08
“Waterbrush” and Small bottle of India ink

Classes are Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 – 1:00
Session One: Thursday 6/24
Session Two: Tuesday 6/30
Session Three: Thursday 7/2
Three hours for $60.00

Introduction to Monotype: printmaking made easy!
Not only is monotype the easiest approach to printmaking it also gives immediate results! Furthermore, breakthroughs in non-solvent based ink and studio safety make it easier than ever to experience non-toxic printmaking.
This studio series is designed to be taken sequentially.

Introduction to Monotype:
Students will start by becoming familiar with how monotype works and how it is different than the other more technical approaches to printmaking.
We will cover press safety issues, care and clean up in the studio, how to create images and multiples, and how to add collage elements.
Monotype has only recently been accepted into the printmaking community as a legitimate art form! Many of the technical elements of printmaking are avoided which allows the artist and student to relax and enjoy the various effects that are possible with such a straightforward process.
A great variety can be produced by painting or rolling ink onto a plexi-glass plate. Then pushing and pulling the ink to create textures, washes, and tones. The beauty of monotype is that you can perfect your image before committing it to paper. Once you are satisfied with your plate we will print it!
Even after it’s printed you can continue to add more ink for subsequent passes through the press. Or you can draw into your print with pencil, pastel, and watercolor. The possibilities are endless!

A session of three two-hour classes is $175.00
Or one two hour class: $65 per class

Private Lessons for any of the above media are available for $75.00 per hour

Mosaic Flowerpots
• Everything Included
• Six Student Maximum, COVID Protocol safe*
• 2 classes
• $60.00 session, a session includes 2 classes/4 hours
This class will meet twice for a total of four hours. Two to three hours for our first class where you will learn how to safely break ceramics, develop a theme or color scheme, then assemble and attach the pieces of your design to the pot. The pots dry for a day, then a session to grout your pot.
All Supplies Are Provided:
You each get one clay pot.
A large selection of mosaic pieces in plain colors, and some with flowers and patterns are available.
There are also three different grout colors.

The best plan is to have as much variety as possible as you create your design. Do you have ceramics that have been broken and you can’t bear to part with them? This is your opportunity to give them new life and make it into something to honor that object or memory. Or go to a yard sale or the thrift store and pick out a few interesting things! I’ll show you how to work controlled and carefully to get the most out of breaking up a ceramic object for your design.

Bring the following for your personal comfort:
• Safety eye wear (can be an old pair of sunglasses)
• Leather gloves are a must! Garden gloves will work too.
• Apron or smock
• Long sleeves
• Sun hat
• Comfortable shoes, no open toes
• Sunscreen
• Bug spray
• Water
• Snacks
Covid Protocol:
Masks are required, so bring your own! It will double for keeping dust out of your lungs!

There are three, 8’ long tables, with one “station” per person on each end.
A canopy, sail tarp, and umbrella with stand is available for shade. Tables can also be moved according to your comfort zone.
Got questions? Don’t hesitate to email me. I’ll address the group with the answer as others may have the same question!
Schedule: Two Sessions Available! Mid-week and Weekends.
Mid-week Sessions:
First class, 2-3 hours to create your design.
Second class, Grouting

Weekend Sessions: Sat. 10 – Noon, and Sunday 5 pm
Other times are available if you get a group of at least 3 together.

NOTE: Each day you will need to clean up so please allow time in your schedule!

I’m gathering mosaic materials all the time and I’ve curated an awesome collection of colors, patterns, and flowers so my students can express themselves in their own voice just by picking and choosing the elements!