Details about exhibitions and teaching in the Garden Gallery.

Details about exhibitions and teaching in the Garden Gallery.

The Garden Gallery came about as a way to create and share art in a safe way. While virtual exhibitions are creative ways to fill the void of the pandemic I strongly believe that art lovers miss the dynamic nature of viewing art in real time. We want the experience of color, texture, and the 'craft' of art making. The type of space I have will give each visitor or student ample space to learn and create in a safe environment.

The Garden Gallery is an open air gallery and classroom within a walled garden. Viewers are limited and need to schedule their visit. This format is loosely based upon the "speakeasy" model.

Classes will be limited to 6. I will be sending out a schedule of classes and exhibitions and a call for entry in the next few weeks through my mailing list. Please sign up to find out what's happening!

Here is how viewing the art will work:
1) Call, text, or email in advance. Subject line should read "Gallery Visit".
2) Show up prepared to follow COVID safe protocol, ie wearing your own mask, and practicing social distancing.
3) Sign waiver
4) Only 8-15 viewers allowed at any one time. "Pods" of more than this specified number will be allowed.
5) Enter one gate, exit another.
6) Artists information and statements will be on the Garden Gallery site and accessible only through a smart phone. No paper labels or gallery notes.
Please Note: A "pod" is a group of people who spend time together and agree with their fellow members how they adhere to COVID protocol. This can be families or even a group of close friends.

Classes will be conducted with plenty of room and masks are required for one on one instruction during the class. If you have any questions please contact me for a tour of the garden to see for yourself.

For more details, please follow this link to my interview with Steve Long on Black Hills Fox: