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Lone Road announcement card
charcoal on paper
Riding South Dakota
monoprint with poly plate and chine colle
Lone Road installation, Sturgis, SD
18x24 (each print)
 Lone Road series
graphite on cradle board
Lone Road series
graphite on gessoed paper

Travel has always inspired my art and recording my journey informs the series entitled The Lone Road.
Each summer I log thousands of hours riding my motorcycle in some of the most beautiful country in the United States; 100’s of those miles with only the sound of rubber on asphalt. I absorb the myriad smells each season brings and take in the visuals with a painter’s eye.

The world goes by with high notes glimpsed in my peripheral vision. A look down might find a beautiful butterfly stuck to the windshield and moments later it's torn away; a lone sun flower its head above a field of wheat; here then gone. Roads dappled with warm sun and cool shadows wind through red rock canyons and chilly mountain passes.
These monotypes are the result of long hours in a meditative state. The images are an attempt to express the colors of weather, glimpsed farmsteads, plowed fields, late snows, bloody road kills, billboards, and lights reflecting off wet pavement.

I also create drawings based upon my photographs taken along the road. I usually complete these in the studio during those long winter nights when my motorcycle is sleeping in my garage.